Halaal wedding caterers are fast becoming more prevalent in South Africa. We can see such large densities of Halaal wedding caterers in the region because there is a larger presence of Muslim families in the country.



It is for this reason that Ismail Bemath Caterers is fast becoming an industry leader when it comes to catering for all types of functions. We cater for intimate family functions through to functions that require catering for up to 100 000 guests. Being in the industry for over 30 years has enabled our company to establish the infrastructure to provide a complete service of supplying crockery and cutlery to catering and stage decor to enhance our ethic of lifting the burden of your shoulders.

Ismail Bemath Caterers  are professional halaal caterers. We have the finest chef, the freshest ingredients and the most professional people to help  turn a simple get- together or a corporate function into an extravagant affair.

The foods are deliciously made from the finest ingredients and served right from the halal food suppliers who deliver the best. Since here in South Africa we are culturally most variant and a mixed pot of different religions, we  are also very authentic. We offer kosher and halaal foods. 

Let us ensure that your next event is as perfect as you dream it to be. We are The Cooking and Catering Specialists after all.